How To Draw Golden Ratio Spiral

This is the easiest to draw a Golden Ratio Spiral that I know of. Compared to the other method by using the Fibonacci Method this one is much more flexible and useful.
The golden ratio spiral displayes one of the fundamental mathematical relationshops that govern many natural laws on Earth and in the Universe. Our human body is a great example of this ratio. It is also known as the divine ratio by which the Creator created everything in many religions. Studies have shown that this ratio also appears to be the most pleasing ratio to the eye.

Materials & Tools used:

Marking the Starting Point

starting point

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2 thoughts on “How To Draw Golden Ratio Spiral”

  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for this tutorial (and every other). My golden ration spirals look kinda small, comparing with yours. You’ve drawn 4 of them. On A3 paper, what are the best dimensions to get a bigger golden ration spirals (just one, not four)?
    Thank you in advance.
    Bedankt alvast.


    1. Hi Scorpio. You should start with the biggest square possible on the left or rightside of the A3 paper and move smaller from there. Just like I showed you in the tutorial. Good luck!

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