Math Behind Sacred Geometry
The math behind Sacred geometry is one of the elements that has attracted me to this subject from the very beginning. The fact that Exactness and Beauty can be unified into Form is something truly wonderful.
3D Print transform into Wall Art
The pattern layout was based on a triangular grid system build up by triangular tiles. To overlay a grid on a wall is not an easy task. The main problem is staying consistent when you try to systematically create coordinates across a wall. What I did to layout a grid system on the blanc wall is I started with cutting out a triangle.
What Is A Good Compass For Geometric Artwork?
What features does a good compass need to have in order to create great geometric art? Many designers and hobbyists have asked me about the tools I use to create my designs. People were especially asking me about my compass I was using. Let me tell you what I think about what makes a good compass.
How To Draw 10 Fold Star

How to draw deca star mandala

Dividing the circle in 10 parts. . In this tutorial I am using a template to give me an easier start. Normally I would have to prepare the circle by dividing it using different guidelines.
Crystal And Octagons Mandala Tutorial
Crystals and Octagons Mandala. Built up from a central octagon with 4-fold crystals flanking its sides.


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