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Math Behind Sacred Geometry
The math behind Sacred geometry is one of the elements that has attracted me to this subject from the very[...]
How To Draw Celtic Trinity Knot
This week a throwback video post called "How To Draw Celtic Trinity Knot"  from a few weeks ago about how[...]
How To Draw Geometric Pattern Octagon Zoom
This week how to draw geometric pattern called Octagon Zoom. The motif is based on the octagram and subdivides towards[...]
How To Draw Roman Knot
How to draw roman knot tutorial this week. A simple motif found alot in the ancient world. https://youtu.be/7WNT4hM-4yI
Drawing Modern Yin Yang Symbol – Tutorial
How to draw a modern yin yang symbol is what I set out to achieve in this tutorial. I wanted[...]
How To Draw Golden Ratio Spiral
This is the easiest to draw a Golden Ratio Spiral that I know of. Compared to the other method by[...]
How To Draw Penrose Star Tiling
How to draw penrose star tiling. This pattern tiles the plane with 5 fold figures. https://youtu.be/wGSuP3z_lL8
Mandala Trefoil Tutorial
  https://youtu.be/vkgGgflSwHE How 2 draw 3 geometric Fish in a circle using 3 Fold symmetry. Have fun!  
How To Draw Hypnotic Eye Mandala
How To Draw Hypnotic Eye Mandala.  Also known as Toroid in Mathematics. With a underlying 32 Fold geometry. Maybe you recognise this[...]
How to draw Icosahedron – Platonic Solids
How to draw icosahedron, one of the 5 platonic solids. https://youtu.be/ithlX422Ubo
How To Draw Dodecahedron – Platonic solids
How to draw dodecahedron which is one of the 5 platonic solids. Considered to be 1 of the 5 mathematical[...]
Islamic Art Tutorial – Using Stars To draw Mandala
Islamic art tutorial using 6-fold stars to draw mandala. https://youtu.be/NbHqYKxjgNY
Speed coloring Flower Of life
Speed coloring Flower Of Life tutorial. https://youtu.be/hOzQunyLcRU
How To Draw Mandala 12-Fold Star
How to draw mandala 12-fold star. In the beginning I start with a geometric diagram based on a 12-fold symmetryis shown in[...]


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