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Why I started studying sacred geometry


p class=”p1″>During my backpacking adventures through Asia and Australia in my early twenties I read the extraordinary book called the ‘the Alchemist’. I was mesmerized by the story. A story about a young boy that went through different stages of self development through the guidance of a wise teacher. The book was filled with many philosophical themes.


One of which was the boys quest for personal enlightenment through the purification of the soul.  The idea that all matter wether it be metal or human beings had a single goal of attaining a higher state of being through the process of purification. The goal within all matter was to find the higher goal in order to grow to a higher state of being. I started reading more books on the subject of Alchemy which means a systematic worldview of matter and conscienceness in which the essence of base elements are changed into more enhanced and pure states through an alchemical process. I was fascinated by short phrases of powerful wisdom like: ‘As above so below’. It means the interconnectedness of all matter in the universe embodied by the forms and patterns of ideal sacred geometry.

examples golden ratio

I started to read more about the geometry of the natural world. How it corresponded in form on different scales. How all was guided by the principles of logical order in different complexities. So during my travel I could see myself on a journey looking for spiritual growth. Searching for knowledge about the universe and my place and of humanity in it. And my quest to find the answers to the mysteries of existence in the universe has never stopped ever since.

This blog is my way of documenting the knowledge I have gained ever since.

11 thoughts on “Why I started studying sacred geometry”

  1. Hello Dearing, I stumbled across your geometric drawing videos on youtube, in search of what is behind the Islamic mosques extraordinary tile designs as their expression of touching god. I also have always been facinated with natural patterns of growth found in the perfect spiral of a nautilus shell or the way a flower unfolds with symmetry with “instructions from within”. I am so pleased to find that you are not only gifted at drawing, but that you also understand the beautiful implications of sacred geometry, revealing the mystery of form and creation. Thank you! Janet

  2. I have the illustrated version and also the written story of this book. My best friend, who is an artist in many mediums gave me a link to another site for mandalas and when I asked him why, he said he knew that I was stressed. That was the beginning for me…July 17, 2016. I now watch all of Dearings’ videos and have learned so much more. It has been hot here where I live in Canada and this is a good thing for me to do right now. FYI I will be 69 years old in October and baby brother and father both could draw. Now I feel like a real artist…Thank you Dearing for all your videos

  3. I stumbled across you while looking for examples of natures spiral. I like your thinking and would love to read more. Thanks!

    Holly F.

  4. I have spent the past three days watching your tutorials over and over again. I am so in awe of your mastery of geometry, but also fascinated by the beauty of your creations. I am just now studying the concept of mandalas and love how you create them. I am almost 70 years old, but still hold out hope that I can someday create one as moving as the ones you have done.

  5. I follow your site and really enjoy watching you create these patterns. Your explanation is fascinating and adds to your drawings. I am an Australian who loves mandalas and sacred geometry and have studied philosophy at university while raising four boys with my wonderful husband. My practical love of mandalas has been through constructing ojo de dios under the guidance of Jay mohler( JaysMandalas) etsy. His mandalas are beautiful and intricate with a strong spiritual background.Anyway your site has inspired me to try drawing… a bit scary but exciting too. Thanks for your work.

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