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What Is A Good Compass For Geometric Artwork?
Many designers and hobbyists have asked my about the tools I use to create my designs. People were especially asking[...]
Pentagram within Pentagrams ☆ How To Draw Fractal Art
Pentagrams within pentagrams is one of my favorite fractal designs I have done so far. Just the implication of the[...]
How To Draw Hypnotic Eye Mandala
How To Draw Hypnotic Eye Mandala. Also known as Toroid in Mathematics.

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6 Circles

When you combine circles things start to happen

Seed of Mandala coloring page

Octo Circles

Try to see how many variations you can create with this coloring sheet

Mandala from 8 Circles

8 Moons

It can quickly get out of hand when you start colouring these stars

Coloring sheet Mandala '8 Moons'

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Wandering Minds Coloring Book

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Dearing Draws drawing

During my backpacking adventures through Asia and Australia in my early twenties I read the extraordinary book called the ‘the Alchemist’. I was mesmerized by the story. A story about a young boy that went through different stages of self development through the guidance of a wise teacher. The book was filled with many philosophical themes.