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principles of geometric art & clean design

If you are curious, looking for answers on how to create visually stunning geometric art, then these courses can get you started.

Six Geometric Art Designs in Journal Series Sketchbook on page 1
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Journal 1

Introduction to geometric blocks

Geometric Art Design in Journal Series Sketchbook on page 2

Journal 2

Basic four fold Blocks

Geometric Art Design in Journal Series Sketchbook on page 3

Journal 3

Combining Geometric Blocks

Geometric Art Design in Journal Series Sketchbook on page 4

Journal 4

Working with 6-fold blocks

Geometric Art Design in Journal Series Sketchbook on page 5

Journal 5

4-fold geometric Combos

Geometric Art Design in Journal Series Sketchbook on page 6

Journal 6

8-folds Symmetry

Journal 7

Expansion Geometry

Journal 08 - The Recurring YinYang Harmony course

Journal 8

Recurring YinYang Harmony

Five and Tenfold Geometry

Journal 9

Basics of Five & Tenfold

Journal 10 - Overview

Journal 10

Expanding on Five & Tenfold Symmetry


Journal 11

Coming Soon


Journal 12

Coming Soon

develop amazing pinterest level geometric art

So do you want to save yourself the time (and money) with a simple and clear step-by-step roadmap of lessons nicely presented? Join the course ‘ The Journal Series’

Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy.

A 12 minute movie about our connection with the geometric universe

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between us and the universe we live in? This video dives deeper into that question and helps to understand the hidden language that connects us with the universe.

The Benefits of learning Geometric Art

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What people say

Civil Engineering..

"I'm studying Civil Engineering and this helps me to improve my drawing skills. Thanks"
Steven Hernandez

Certain type of reflection

I've been replicating your work and it has become a beautiful part of my day that brings me peace of mind and a certain type of reflection that I've really needed"
Ben Dubi

The Art of Mathematics

"Without aesthetic sense of math, I wouldn't bother with math. I teach the art of math as much as the dictators of education allow time for...and sneak it in even more"
Patrick Leahey
Classroom 1 Geometric Art

Digital Classroom

The classroom is the digital group that connects student with updates of the instructor and other students

What's inside Journal 01?

Table of content

Lesson 1

What is the goal of the first page

Lesson 2

Tool Essentials – what you need to get started

Lesson 3

The Duplo Design System

Lesson 4

How to create a duplo block in five steps

Lesson 5

How to divide a circle six parts

Lesson 6

How to create a nice layout

Lesson 7

How to divide a circle in three parts

Lesson 8

Adding 2nd diagram to our sketchbook

Lesson 9

How to draw three petals in 6 steps

Lesson 10

Increasing the frequency to six petals

Lesson 11

The Middle Path Technique

Lesson 12

Constructing ‘Three Circle’ diagram

Lesson 13

‘Seven Circles’ architecture

Lesson 14

Adding final diagram

Lesson 15

Recap & what’s next in Journal 02

Essential Tools

In the course ‘The Journal Series’ tools are essential to get wonderfull geometric designs. Check out my list with the required tools to follow along with the Journal Series courses
tools and tips


As a dd Member you get access to bonuses

Bonus 1

Wandering Minds - Adult Colouring Book

Colouring eBook (pdf) Wandering Minds

Coloring patterns can calm your mind. Helping you focus on just colouring

Bonus 2

Twelve Star Design Ebook

How to draw (pdf) 12 Star Rose guidebook

A step by step guidebook on developing an awesome design using just squares

Bonus 3

Vesica Piscis Course

The Vesica Piscis advanced Design Workshop

A course on developing an awesome design based on the Vesica Pisces diagram







Dearing Draws

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Dearing grew up with a pen in his hand. No wall in his parents house was safe. Luckily he also had a deep interest in science and philosophical questions. When he finished his Architectural bachelor degree at the Delft University of Technology he couldn’t wait to join the internet revolution and share his passion for Philosophy and Geometric Art. He started his Youtube channel in 2013 where he shared his tutorials which grew into a fan base. His fans wanted more in dept knowledge. He decided to create a platform focused and dedicated to people with a passion for Geometric Art.

Here's what people are saying about his tutorials

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My mission

I have made it my mission to organise the ones interested and offer a digital community where we can share an appreciation of geometric art together. I chose to take it step by step and develop a programme that is very much focused on the practical side of Geometric Art. Invest your precious time in your personal development both mentally and spiritually.
Dearing Wang


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