Wandering Minds

adult colouring book

This wonderful coloring book ‘Wandering Minds’ is packed with 34 +1 Geometric Art Pages. Every single page is personally designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. These pages serve one purpose; to take your imagination to a world where art and geometry are merged. A world where the act of colouring becomes a form of meditation. And through your imagination you can bring it to life with colors.

Colouring Examples

Wandering Minds - Seed of Life X
Wandering Minds - Life is a spiral
Wandering Minds - Seed of Life X

Colouring geometric Patterns is sort of a visual story for the subconscience. Geometric art can be therapeutic for our mind because abstract form lack words to be described with. They speak through certain frequencies and patterns in a way that communicates directly to a part of our ancient brain that could be understood without knowledge of cultural language during the development of the brain in our early childhood. 




Forms like Circles, Stars, Squares are archetypes. They are fundamental shapes that we all intuitively understand, no matter what culture or language we are raised in. We seem to understand when a square is not perfectly square. When a circle is not perfectly round to a certain extent. It is a universal language that is embedded within our identity. When we look into the mirror we see a perfectly black hole that we call our pupils. When we look up into the sky we see a seemingly round spheres hovering in the sky. It is all part of our existence.

In ‘Wandering Minds’ I’ve created patterns out of  archetypical forms that are carefully arranged like a rythmic poem conveying the multitude of meaning that can be perceived from different angles creating different levels of experiences.


Colouring Examples

Wandering Mind - Crystals
Curved Mandala 5 fold
Vesica Piscis
Wandering Minds pages

What You Get

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Dearing Draws

About the Author: Dearing Wang

Founder of Dearingdraws.com. Widely known and respected for his Youtube channel: youtube.com/dearingwang with over 2 million views and more than 100K subscribers. Where he shares his knowledge on the secrets of how to draw remarkable Geometric Art.
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