Wandering Minds | Adult Coloring E-Book (PDF)


This wonderful coloring book ‘Wandering Minds’ is packed with 34 +1 Geometric Art Pages. Every single page is personally designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. I’ve done my best to deliver the most profound experience I could possibly share with you. These pages serve one purpose; to take your imagination to a totally different world where Art and Geometry are One. A world with seemingly infinite Form possibilities. A world waiting for you to bring it to life with colors.

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This adult coloring e-book ‘Wandering Minds’ contains 34 newly designed coloring pages based on tutorials from my Youtube channel from the year 2014. My goal was to give those people that enjoyed my tutorials  a colorbook that expanded on those tutorials. Design and art in general is never really finished and can always be expanded upon and varied in endless different forms. The same goes for the drawings that I have shared on Youtube throughout 2014. There is always room to grow and use any form as a stepping stone to a next level of complexity and beauty. Which is what I’ve done in this colorbook. I went a bit further with the drawings where I left of in my videos. You will recognise the basic forms sometimes and you will see how much room there was to grow a new form out of it. If you are a newcomer then have a look at my tutorials.

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