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announcements while on holiday

Few Announcements While On Holiday

Few announcements

I decided to share a video with a few announcements. These last couple of weeks I enjoyed a wonderful vacation. Far away from my work. Well not really because I’ve been working behind the scenes anyway.Here is a short list with the topics I wanted to talk about:

My color book and when I plan to release it.

  • A Watch Me video
  • I purchased a 3D printer
  • People who watch my tutorials

So people have been asking me when the DD Colorbook is going to be released. I aiming to release the color book end of September. It’s going to be awesome.

dearing draws colorbook

Because these last week two weeks I did not upload a normal tutorial I decided that I still wanted to upload a video. So I did a Watch Me Color video featuring a page from my upcoming DD book. So get sneak peak in the following video.

My 3D Printer

I purchased a 3D printer! How awesome is that. I’ve long considered buying one. Obviously because of the amazing capabilities it gives any serious designer to transform and explore form. I will do a unbox video soon.


People watching my tutorials

First of all, thank you all for sharing your work with me. I’m so glad and proud you could follow along with all my tutorials. Next is that I would like to see you become more creative using my tutorials. So next time start to think about ways to come up with creative ideas based on the tools that I am providing. Sent me your work by email: dearing@dearingdraws.com or tag me on instagram/dearing_draws or facebook.com/dearingdraws.

Looking forward to that.

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