About Dearing Wang

I am Dearing Wang and founder of this website. I have been passionate about Geometric Art since my early twenties.I went on to study Architecture and Philosophy at the University of Technology in Delft as a result. I see myself as an artist who is madly passionate about all the geometric arts like Mandalas and Sacred Geometry. My goal is to share my passion with you by making tutorials on how to draw this artform. This website is focused on learning how to express your creative self through geometric art in order to expand your creativity. To let you experience the thrill of artistic expression through the works of geometric art. My mission is to provide engaging, easy to understand instruction that will empower you to take the next steps in the journey of you as an artist. So wether your a beginner searching for more instruction or more advanced artisan, I will make sure that there will be videos that you all will find interesting.

If you want to know more please check out my videos. Have fun!

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