9 Ways To Improve Your Mandala Art

When you read the headlines ‘9 Tips To Improve Your Mandala & Geometric Art’ you might expect a list of practical tips of some sorts. Yet just as with achieving success in life it is usually your perception of the things in life what defines the results, the success. But perception is rather subjective. More a state of mind then a tangible thing as with, let say, what kind of tool to use in order to improve your craft. That’s why many of my 9 tips are in the category of mindset rather then tangible stuff. Here they come.

1. Focus By Eliminating Clutter

It is easy to say; ‘Focus!’ compared to actually doing it. I know. But there are ways to help you get in a state of mind of focus in order for you to create your own mandala. What helps for me is to simplify and de-clutter my working space. Because I can sometimes unknowingly get affected by the environment I am working in. Therefore I make sure that my desk is cleaned out and only leave the stuff on the table that are needed to create my mandala or other geometric designs. It can also help to do to some mental or spiritual exercise in order to get you in focus. Through meditation by emptying your thoughts while counting to 9 and filling it with visuals of your mandala that you are about to create. Or just take a walk in a peacefull enviroment.

2. A Healthy Body For A Creative Mind

A healthy body makes it easier for the mind to be creative. It’s obvious right? Just imagine you are the driver trying to get from point A to Point B. You have the choice between a rusty uncared for broken vehicle or a vehicle that has got daily maintenance and runs like a charm. Which one would you rather choose when it is of importance to get to your destination? I know. I would choose the well-cared for vehicle. Therefore I care for my health. That means I give thought to what I eat. I do (short) exercises multiple times per week. I make sure I rest well. I basically avoid all things bad for my body like smoking and drinking. Creativity for me is a state of mind, a way of life.

3. Change Your Perspective

The process of creation can be a reflection of how you think in general. If you’re stuck in your ideas at certain points then consider analyzing your thoughts when you view other things in life. In order to be creative and create something new is to explore things that were unknown to mankind. You are the first person to witness something in your mind that hasn’t been thought of. That might frighten you. It makes you uncomfortable because to you that idea might feel like a stranger.

There is no criteria to judge it because it did not exist before you thought about it. Consider doing things you would not do usually. Try out a food you would not normally eat. Travel to place in the city or small town you live where you would not go normally. Change your perspective. Trigger that part of the brain to explore and you will teach your subconscious that the unknown is not bad at all sometimes.

4. Research what has been done already

Get inspired by examples of ideas of other people who came before. Nowadays this is the easiest part to do with the access to the world wide web. They say that to understand and know where one is going is to understand where we came from. What happened in the past that lead to the current ideas in art and design for instance. And keep a truly open mind. Start mainstream in what was important in art and design but consider all kinds of alternative art forms.

5 .Get Good Equipment

This one is a no-brainer of course. Get yourself some reliable tools to get the job done. The criteria for good equipment is that it should not be an obstacle when you are working with it. It should help you get your desired results not bother you. You should be able to rely on it for a longer period of time. I’ve listed a couple of tools I use for reference.

Tools and Materials:

    • Staedler Drawing Compass 
    • Triangle Ruler 
    • Color Pencils ‘Caran D’ache Pablo
    • Mechanical Pen Faber Castell 
    • Paper Size A3
    • Fineliner Ink Pen

6 . Work Hard & Stay Patient When You Don’t Get Immediate Results

You might not get your desired results as quickly as you want, but working hard means being patient with yourself and constantly doing your best. If you really want to improve, prove to yourself that you are as dedicated as you can be. By putting as much time and effort as you can to become better at your craft. Your innerself will recognize that and unlock your potential over time. Just don’t give up. Being creative is like a uphill climb. Where the view at the top is the compelling reason to make you wanna sweat your way up.

7 . Enjoy The Process of Creation

This sounds contradictory to the previous tip but it a consequence of hard work. You might know that to create can be hard work. It requires dedication. Loving what you do. But boy does it feel rewarding once you get better at your craft. That’s why it’s important to have a higher view of your complete creation process and remind yourself that the most fulfilling moments come in contrast. It comes when the hard work has been done. So why not embrace the whole process. With all it’s ups and downs. I know. When you are in that moment of frustration when you’re stuck it’s difficult to get through. But give yourself multiple layers of feelings. One might be frustrated that very moment and is eager to work hard to improve while an other thought layer sees the bigger picture and can steer yourself towards the bright end result.

8. Give Your Art Personal Meaning

This is of course very personal. And this tip is just a reminder that you should treat your design as something close to you. It could be an expression of your world view. Try to give your art a name to start with that makes you smile and give you a sense of meaning that covers your life.

9. Be Confident. Trust yourself

We are born with the eternal forms within our thought world. We all subconsciously understand the concept of circle, the square and the triangle. And we all understand the concepts of symmetry. Once you understand how to use these basic shapes you can start your journey of creating abundant shapes that form a coherent whole that resonates with your personal worldview. Everybody has this innate ability. It is about accepting that you already have the ability. Just stop creating negative excuses. Stop interrupting your flow of thoughts when you feel creative. Get in the right rhythm and it will fall into place.

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  1. I love your work very much. Sometimes I implant some of your ideas in my work. Thankes alot for being there somewere in the world and sharing your knowledge and gift

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